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Gallimaufry & salmagundi

Assorted things that I like to keep around but that don't as easily sort into the other buckets.

All the news that's fit to...

Here's a casual profile on me in the local press.

Hanging 'round Ray Bradbury's house

I found out that a copy of this poster, commemorating a theatrical production I directed, is hanging in Ray Bradbury's dining room. My thanks to Donn Albright, Ray's archivist, for passing that info to me. (Another copy, inscribed and autographed by Ray in silver ink, is framed on the wall right behind me here in my office.) For more about this, see my blog entry, "Happy 90th birthday, Ray Bradbury — A bit about Mr. B and me".

The games are afoot

Now available from Legacy Interactive in L.A. — and via stores such as Amazon and Big Fish Games — say 'allo, 'allo to The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes, a "lavish mystery adventure game, featuring 16 unique cases of forgery, espionage, theft, murder and more." Press release.

screenshot - 'The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes'Look for my byline under "Stories and dialog." Quoth the PR copy: "Clever storylines and spot-on dialog written in the classic Arthur Conan Doyle style and featuring well known regulars from the original stories." That's me, clever and spot-on.

The first computer game officially licensed by the Conan Doyle estate, this was a fun, challenging project, especially as the storylines and their mystery-solving logic puzzles become more complex and sophisticated as you progress through the 16 cases — leading to a potentially explosive showdown with Prof. Moriarty himself inside the clock tower of Big Ben. It was like building ever more intricate ships inside verbal and logical bottles.

I'm very pleased with how it all turned out. The artwork is gorgeous and the game play is addictively engaging. Big props to the dev team down at Legacy.

What brought Legacy Interactive to me? This story.